Please bear with us as we are working on our schedule. We should have new programs starting the week of October 7th. Thanks for your patience.

Tennis Lessons are the backbone of what Forehand Frenzy has to offer. We provide a variety of group lesson packages as well as private lessons. Below is our current list of group lessons. Private lessons can be booked directly with the professional you are wanting to work with.

On the class list below you will see “Parent Class”. Those are classes that parents that are interested in taking lessons can sign up. They will be able to take lessons on their own court while their juniors are taking lessons on a separate court. If you have a junior taking a class, why not sign up and learn how to play yourself at the same time.

Home School Lessons
Monday Lessons
Monday 6-8 Year old1:00 PM Register Here
Monday 7-10 Year Old2:00 PM Register Here
Monday 9-12 Year Old3:00 PM Register Here
Tuesday Lessons
Tuesday 6-8 Year Old1:00 Register Here
Tuesday Parent Class1:00 Register Here
Tuesday 7-10 Year Old 2:00Register Here
Tuesday Parent Class2:00 Register Here
Tuesday 9-12 Year Old3:00 Register Here
Tuesday Parent Class3:00 Register Here