Policies and Procedures

Inclement Weather:

Rain is always a possibility but with the unpredictability of rain we will do all we can to make a rain out call as early as we can but at times that just isn’t possible. If rain does start during a class we will look at what time the class is “called” and determine from there if the class was completed. If we have to call the class before 25 minutes of a class has occurred then we will cancel that class and schedule a make-up. If 25 minutes has passed we will consider that particular class/lesson completed.

Understanding rain and tennis:

Light rain is okay to continue to play tennis in so long as the lines on the court do not become too slick. The coach will determine if the lines are safe to play and practice will continue until such time that it is deemed unsafe.

During optimal circumstances it takes approximately 2 hours for a court to dry after rain. Optimal means there is a slight breeze and the sun is shining. If these conditions do not exist it can and will take longer for a court to become safe.


In times when heat or cold are an issue we will look at a couple different numbers to determine if a class is cancelled or not.


Due to extreme temperatures in Texas heat can cancel classes as it becomes unsafe for players. To determine if it is too hot we will look at the Weather Channel App at zip code 76028 and verify the Wet Bulb Globe to determine the heat index. If the WBG is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit then classes will be cancelled until it is safe to play.


In the event of cold weather we will look at the wind chill temperature on Weather Channel App at zip code 76028. If the wind chill is below 32 degrees classes will be cancelled and will resume once temperatures are safe.


Wind is often an issue in Texas and while players do have to learn to play in wind there are some instances where wind can cancel a class. That will be determined on a case by case basis but the determining factors are how strong the wind is and the level of the player taking the lesson. Advanced players will have better movement abilities and are usually playing in high winds during matches and tournaments so they will usually have practice. Beginners that are still working on making contact with the ball and just learning to move will have their lessons cancelled. The reason for this is there will be a lot of time wasted in just trying to hit the ball. It becomes frustrating to the player and is generally not a good experience.

Please understand that we do not want to cancel any classes but do want to ensure the health and safety of our students.